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Jeremy and the Harlequins

Come join us this Friday September 19th as gimmegimmegimme presents Jeremy and the Harlequins with special guest Gold Star.  There will also be a guest DJ spinning 45's so be sure to stop by.  It's going to be a rocking good time!
Free entry and all ages welcome.

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1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd. 
LA, CA 90028

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Weekend Recap: Sonos Studio Presents BANKS

Recently at our sister store SpaceNinety8, musician BANKS had an LP signing.  Although we were a bit bummed that we couldn't be there, we did catch word that Banks was going to be doing an intimate show at Sonos Studio here in LA.  Once we heard this we knew we had to go check it out.
Blog contributor and photographer Anne Yano was given the opportunity to go check out the performance.  She managed to get a couple of photos for us that couldn't make it and we must say the show looked amazing.

BANKS album "Goddess" is available now.

Anne's Blog

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Thirty Sundays

When photographer Veronica Sanchis Bencomo first received a Polaroid camera and 3 packs of film from her boyfriend during the Christmas of 2011, she had no idea what to photograph.
But on May 13th 2012, Veronica decided to start a photo project called Thirty Sundays.

"Monday to Friday is my full time job, so those days got rapidly ignored… But soon I realized that Saturdays are not the same as Sundays… I’ve heard so many people saying “I hate Sundays” or “When I was young I hated Sundays” But when I think about my Sundays, a lot of different things come to mind. Obviously, the way I spend my Sundays has kept changing throughout my life."

With her Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S in hand, Veronica would take a photo each Sunday of where she was at and what she was doing.  Each Polaroid tells a story of that Sunday.

To check out more of her work visit her blog.

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Simple Fall

Fall is a simple season with little effort needed to put into an outfit and it still looks polished. Although most would gravitate towards wearing beige, ox blood or pumpkin spice for fall, Maja shows us how to pull off the art of monochromatic layering.
All accessories are by Flux Atelier.


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Lykke Li | & Other Stories

Lykke Li just came out with a collab collection with no other but Swedish branch & Other Stories. Inspired by a nomadic need for a versatile wardrobe to suit her traveling lifestyle.

The collection crafted in high quality materials makes a timeless and iconic uniform.

I quote Lykke Li "It's been a dream of mine to have the perfect leather sac filled with the bare essentials, like a true nomad ready for business, and Stories gave me that chance. This collection is my version of that lifesaving sack and will be my uniforn until I die."

Sadly & Other Stories does not ship to the US.

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Assembly NY x UO

Throwback Thursday to when we had a pop-up for Assembly NY last year in June.  The eclectic style of denim and monochromatic pieces was a favorite amongst those who stopped by.  Simple yet bold, Assembly NY clothing definitely makes a statement.

69 Assembly NY Pop-Up Shop June 2013
Photography by Felisha Tolentino

Now you can shop the new Assembly NY x UO collaboration online at Urban Outfitters.

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1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028

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Danielle Shukur Jewelry

Danielle Shukur is a jewelry designer from Byron Bay, Australia.  Her exclusive handmade collection for Space15Twenty was inspired by California.  From the vast deserts of Death Valley to the majestic blue beaches of Malibu.

Each piece is handmade with precious/semi-precious gemstones, crystals and most importantly love.  Danielle’s love for nature and natural healing makes these modern day talismans loved by everyone.

Danielle Shukur’s collection for Space15Twenty is focused around turquoise, citrine, rose quartz and garnet.  Each stone has a source of meaning, turquoise for friendship and protection while traveling, garnet for courage and passion, citrine for luck and abundance and rose quartz for romance.

This beautiful collection can be found in the Urban Renewal shop.


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Weekend Recap: Grand Performances presents YUNA

One day a couple years ago while browsing on youtube, I came across a video of a girl with the most soulful and expressive voice I have heard in a while.  This girl was YUNA.  A Malaysian born singer and songwriter making her debut in the US with her song “Live Your Life” produced by Pharrell Williams.


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Weekend with boyfriend

For some, a weekend with their boyfriend is a night out at a restaurant or a night in with a romantic movie.  Anne photographs a relaxed and fashionable way to spend a weekend with the babe.  From playing a game of  basketball in Venice Beach, exploring Westwood to having drinks while watching the sunset over the City of Angels.

“Weekend with Boyfriend” features outfits from Urban Outfitters and vintage clothing.


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RIP Joan Rivers

In the past month we have lost some great icons.  Robin Williams, Lauren Bacall and now Joan Rivers. 

We appreciate a good laugh and Joan did just that.  She was one of the few female comedians of the 1950’s and 1960’s to gain nationwide recognition.  Thanks to The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson in 1965, Joan Rivers was seen as a comedic force to be reckoned with.

From The Ed Sullivan Show to Fashion Police, love her or hate her, you knew who Joan was.  Her quick wit and sassy jokes will always make her one of our favorites.
We’ll miss you Joan Rivers.

(June 8 1933 - September 4 2014)

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