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My So-Called Life

Sigh...It's Back to School already, but there is no better way to ease into school life then deciding what your fall style will be.

We Love My So Called Life! Teen drama! Jordan Catalano! Plaids! Angela Chase! Lace dresses!

Get inspired...

All clothing available at Urban Renewal | Space15Twenty

Photographer - Anne Yano
Model - Krysten Morales & River Ortega
Hair & Makeup - Aubrey Bazan

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Urban Renewal | Space15Twenty
1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd.
LA, CA 90028

Anne - 08.29.2014 File under - Fashion, Urban Renewal

Ambush | Montage

Thought I show some more of my love for Japanese fashion.
Power couple Yoon and Verban of Ambush have been around for quite a while mostly known for their POW chains.
Their new collection entitled "Montage" is a beautiful mixture of African trobal pieces and grunge.
I love their use of different metals, stones and plastics. New and bold colours, just keeping it fresh.
You can purchase everything on their website.

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coco - 08.28.2014 File under - Fashion

This Internship Life

Life as a fashion intern isn't always peaches and cream, but Angelina shows us how to look effortlessly cool while tackling all of her pesky tasks!

Photographer - Anne Yano
Model - Angelina Werner
Makeup & Hair - Aubrey Bazan
Stylist - Mariam Melik

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Anne - 08.22.2014 File under - Fashion

Something For The Eye | Tokyo Street Style

Tokyo street style is what got me into fashion. I remember the moment my little sister introduced it to me and I was just speechless and we would buy every Fruits Magazine. Since then I always turn to Tokyo when I don't know what to wear.

One of my favorite sites is Drop Tokyo I love their selection and their photography.
Here's a selection of some recent shots.

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coco - 08.21.2014 File under - Fashion, People

VBL #hooperparadise x Alexandra

We LOVE Venice Basketball League!


Anne - 08.15.2014 File under - Events, Fashion

Lou & Grey | Marfa

The label distills the city's tough-yet-romantic spirit in a collection starring Ana Kraš.

Against the backdrop of hazy Americana, Lou & Grey’s latest muse Ana Kraš stars in Marfa, an ode to the Lone Star state directed by British filmmaker Tom Craig and co-director Hopi Allard. After debuting earlier this year with a campaign fronted by illustrator and great granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway, Langley Fox, this season the label enlisted Serbian-born Kraš for an instinctive flair that has seen her traverse furniture design and photography.

Via Nowness

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coco - 08.14.2014 File under - Fashion

Urban Renewal: Denim Vibes


Anne - 08.08.2014 File under - Fashion, Urban Renewal

Wood Wood | Heroes

Wood Wood Autumn/Winter 2014 makes me want to be cold and layer. But when you live in sunny LA you rarely get the chance to wear a coat, let alone layer. This collection is all about layers, sharp cuts, bombers and coats. What more to wish for... maybe some cooler weather.

Photography by Hasse Nielsen

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coco - 08.07.2014 File under - Clothes, Fashion

Ryu Matias Interview

In a digital world filled with instant gratification, people have lost touch with developing film photography. Ryu Matias only knows film photography. Shooting in film, Ryu has realized the importance in each shot. He shares how he got started with photography and advice on being a freelance photographer.

Full interview below...


westtsidestory - 08.06.2014 File under - Art, Fashion, People, Photo

Urban Renewal: Western Summer

Channel your inner Wild West this summer!

Beauties Maja & Mathilde show us how in leather pieces, vintage plaids and denim all from Urban Renewal.


kimsworld - 08.01.2014 File under - Clothes, Fashion, Urban Renewal


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