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Weekend Recap: Fool's Gold Day Off 2015

This past weekend, I headed over to The Shrine in Downtown LA for Fool's Gold Day Off! Though this was only my 2nd year attending, I can honestly say that Fool's Gold does not disappoint. For a day-long festival at the cost of $40 or even less, it seems like a steal. I was already excited to see performances from Towkio, Post Malone, and Travi$ Scott, but on top of that, they also brought out Chromeo, Vic Mensa, and Chief Keef for some guest performances. According to Fool's Gold, this was their biggest Day Off yet, which can only mean it's going to get bigger from here on out! 

My favorite performance on Saturday was from Post Malone. Known for his song "White Iverson," Post is laid back but still somehow able to bring out the most energy out of the crowd. It was cool seeing everyone sing their heart out to White Iverson, especially because he ended up opening and closing his set with it. On the other hand, this was my third time seeing Travi$ Scott live and I always question my ability to survive the rodeo He's the complete opposite of Post Malone - he literally tells the crowd to go go crazy. You know things are about to get wild once you hear the beginning of "Upper Echelon." Even though i was right in between mosh pits, I surprisingly made it out alive after another one of his performances. As fun (and terrifying) as it was, I feel like his set should have been last because most people were already trying to push through the crowds and leave before his set already ended, leaving a small crowd for Action Bronson.

Overall, it was a great day and I can't wait for what else Fool's Gold has in store for the upcoming years! And a very special thanks to our friends over at Goldenvoice who made this all possible. Check out some photos below:

Thanks to @jeffbernat, @gradybrannan, @department_4, @byrdfilms, @kyleyamamoto, @kblanch13, and @rudeboy_la for the photos!


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Last Weekend was the 11th annual F*ck Yeah Fest in Los Angeles. In the middle of a heatwave, nearly 40,000 people gathered at L.A Memorial Sports Arena and Exposition Park to see Morrissey, Kanye, Purity Ring, Cold Cave and many more. We had such an awesome time catching our favorite babe Solange while sitting under a tree, chomping on fried snacks. We lost our minds at FKA Twigs, and met so many babes with rad style. What were your favorite FYF moments or looks? @space15twenty #UOonyou #UOaroundyou


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Weekend Recap: FYF

I hope everyone had a fun and safe FYF weekend! Though I wasn't able to go, I lived vicariously through the endless tweets, instagram posts, and snapchat stories. I am forever jealous of everyone who was able to see Toro y Moi, Solange, Kaytranada, FKA Twigs, Morrissey, Kanye... the list goes on. A lot of people were upset over Frank Ocean's last minute set drop, but who can really complain when Kanye was the replacement?

Seems like everyone had a pretty sweet weekend by the time the festival was over. Here's hoping next year's lineup is just as good, or even better than this year's! (Maybe Frank Ocean's album will have dropped by then and he'll actually have new stuff to perform, fingers crossed!) Now, check out some of my favorite photos from FYF:

Thanks to these guys for the sweet photos!
@nobodyphotography, @guidom, @discoannasun, @jakewestphoto, @irrphoto, @philipcosores, @mathewtucciarone, @mr.wonders, @mishavladimirskly, @alrightbrother, @mannygga

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Record Surplus

On my weekly trips to Santa Monica, I always pass by a store called "Record Surplus," right on the corner of Santa Monica and Centinela. With it's giant red signage and wall art, it's hard to miss! Despite how often I'm in the area, I've actually never taken the time to visit the shop. So today, I decided to finally check it out!

It's a great store for all your vintage record needs. They also have a lot of cd's, cassettes, tapes, and dvd's. You definitely won't find anything in here that you would normally see in the vinyl section of Urban Outfitters, but it's a great spot for music lovers and vinyl collectors! They have 3 listening stations in the store where you can sit down and listen to something you've picked out from one of their shelves. Towards the front, they also have an area that they call "The Attic," where nothing is over 92 cents! Check out some more pictures that I took below:

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The Internet's US & Canada Tour!

If you read my article on The Internet's recent album, Ego Death, then you already know that they couldn't release such an amazing compilation of music without releasing a tour too! Today, the band released tour dates, as well as ticket sales. Originally, they released the tour dates on their official twitter, leaving out an LA show. If you've been following them, or the OF group, then you would know that they are all Los Angeles natives, and it would be heartbreaking for the band not to play in their hometown. Minutes after releasing tour dates, they finally announced that they'll actually be kicking off their tour with a show at the El Rey on September 8th! Check out the tour dates below:

Meet Syd tha Kid, Matt Martians, Jameel Burner, Patrick Paige, Christopher A. Smith, and Steve Lucy in this short video they created:

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Ticket Giveaway: Disclosure

**We have a winner, thank you!**

As you've probably heard, Disclosure released their new single featuring Sam Smith called "Omen".  And you probably had it on repeat for hours, like we did.

Well here's your chance to hear it live!

We're giving away a pair of tickets to the Disclosure show at the L.A. Memorial Sports Arena courtesy of our friends at Goldenvoice!


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Let's Get Physical

Abbot Kinney is one of my favorite places! Located near Venice Beach, it's the perfect place to people watch, grab a coffee, and just walk around and see the beautiful art walls created by locals. On my recent visit, I noticed a new shop called "vnyl." Vnyl specializes in selling vinyl records, a mix of oldies and contemporary artists. Showcased throughout their store is their message "LET'S GET PHYSICAL," physical copies of music that is! There's just something special about holding a record in your hand, and being able to hear the raw sounds on a record player. They even have free wifi and a listening station! The store is definitely something everyone should check out.

Not only are they a retail store, but they also do a monthly subscription for curated vinyls! All you have to do is go on their website, sign up, and for as low as $36 a month, you will receive three specially curated vinyls. These vinyls are put together depending on the information you give them about your favorite kinds of music! Sounds like a great way to discover new sounds. Check them out here:

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Steve McQueen x Kanye West

On July 25, 2015, renowned filmmaker, Steve McQueen, and rapper, Kanye West, premiered the 9 minute long music video for "All Day/ I Feel Like That." Sadly, the exhibit was only up for 4 days. Luckily, I was able to catch the last two runs of the video yesterday, on a quick trip to LACMA! I've never seen so many teens and younger adults inside the museum - most people usually just hang around the infamous "Urban Light" installation. As hip-hop and Kanye lovers united, it was actually pretty cool to see how music can bring people together, even in art form. There were also a couple older adults who seemed like they stumbled upon the exhibit, but they stayed and watched the video in amazement and confusion anyway.

"Shot by artist and filmmaker Steve McQueen, the video for Kanye West's songs "All Day/ I I Feel Like That" plays upon the relationship between the camera and the subject. As in a meeting between the bull and the matador, it remains unclear who chases whom within the arena. The roles of pursuer and pursued are at times inverted. Shot in a single 9 minute take with natural lighting and minimal context, McQueen accentuates the immediacy and intensity of the performer up close. Every movement of West is seen; every breath felt. It becomes apparent how the song itself fuels West's performance, from the bravado in "All Day," to the vulnerability of "I Feel Like That."

You could watch the video from either side of the room, and speakers were placed at every corner. You could feel the room shaking because of the intensity of the bass, and how high the volume was set. For a simple music video, I really enjoyed the pop up exhibit. I think I mostly enjoyed it because of how many people showed up for it's last screening, compared to how empty that room usually is. Too bad it was only up for such a short time, it was definitely worth visiting!

Thanks to Andres Tardio for these photos!

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Ego Death

Have you heard The Internet's new album, Ego Death? With high anticipation from their fans, it's been nearly two years since the band's sophomore release of Feel Good. With Syd tha Kid's sensuous singing, you are carried into a world of relaxation. The album is composed and carefree - perfect for those long, summer night drives. Check out their most recent music video for "Dontcha," featured on their album, Feel Good, below:

Some of the artists featured include: Janelle Monae, Vic Mensa, Kaytranada, Tyler the Creator, and more. Pop Matters says, "The album slowly unfolds over a number of listens and each time you are likely to notice a new wrinkles - a guitar riff here, and bongo beat there - all of which give the album its unique identity." If you love laid-back music, this album is for you! Take a listen below:

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Fool's Gold Day Off 2015

Free shows, Hard Summer, FYF, and now Fool's Gold Day Off? Festival season is coming up fast for Los Angeles! Fool's Gold just recently announced the line ups for their annual multi-city fest, and it's one you don't want to miss!

Day Off originally started five years ago as a party in a Soho parking lot. It's a place where people come together to listen to good music and have a good time! A-Trak, one of the original Fool's Gold founders says, "We've met people hanging out at DAY OFF that we ended up signing to the label - this is where the whole vision of Fool's Gold comes together."

Travi$ Scott crowd surfing at Day Off LA '14.

I went to last year's fest, and with artists such as Travi$ Scott, Danny Brown, and Vic Mensa performing it was one big party. Some of the headliners for the LA show include: Action Bronson, A-Trak, Travi$ Scott, Post Malone, and Towkio - check out the full line up below!

Not from LA? No problem! Day Off is a multi-city festival, and they'll be in Atlanta, New York, Miami, and Austin as well. Each line up varies per city, but you can see tour dates and full line ups below:

- photos courtesy of Fool's Gold

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