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The Art Of... Matthew Volz


Official artist for garage-rock band The Beets, Matthew Volz creates customized work for each show's posters, shirts, and backdrop tapestries.  With each illustration individually hand drawn, Volz's consistently funny doodles are marked by both an earnest personal touch and a resurgent commitment to the DIY ethos.

Volz will debut two brand new works on fabric and and 50 customized t-shirts at the RARE Gallery's latest exhibition and record shop, Psychedelic Summer.  Curated by Seattle-based collective CMRTYZ, Psychedelic Summer features artists like Volz that make raw art reminiscent of the lo-fi music that inspired it.  The show includes work from John Malta, C.M. Ruiz, and Cassie Ramone of Vivian Girls fame, as well as assorted vinyl, merch, and limited editions stocked in the record shop.

Psychedelic Summer opens tonight from 6-9 pm, with performances by The Beets and The Babies.  The exhibition and record shop will be open until July 24.

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